Hello! My name is Savanna, and I offer professional editing and writing services out of Portland, Oregon. Over the course of the last five years, I have worked on editorial teams as a chief editor and contributor, have proofread and revised several manuscripts, authored newsletters and fictional pieces, and have worked as an independent editor for individual clients. As the pandemic and the corresponding crises ensued during the last year, I've seen people rediscover their passion for writing, and in the same vein of enthusiasm, I have decided to begin publicly offering my editorial services.
A quick highlight of the services I offer include ghostwriting, editing and revising, proofreading, and more. Beyond my years of editorial experience, I:
     -  Hold a bachelor degree in social sciences, with a concentration in communications
     -  Have been published in several literary journals
     -  Work on an instructional team at the University of Berkeley, critiquing student portfolios

I would love to hear from you! Please check out the details of the services I offer below. You can reach me directly through my contact page. I look forward to helping you finalize your passion project  be it manuscript, essay, social media post, or any other content you've created.
This service is for those needing a guiding hand — what strengths does your manuscript bring, what could you improve upon, what adjustments can be made? I will read through your entire project and write up an editorial letter discussing any revisions.
This service is an engaged package including grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, syntax, and tense error corrections for the copyediting phase, and formatting and consistency corrections during the proofreading phase. I will also ensure that the flow of your content is engaging, non-repetitive, and strong.
During this service, I will keep a separate document with your work detailing each correction and suggestion that arises. My edits will be sent to you in both this form and, upon your approval of the edited work, in the final, polished form.
If you have an idea you want to run with but need assistance with the creation of the project, I offer this service as a way to bring your concept to life.
The ghostwriting service includes copyediting and proofreading by default as we work through the project. We will be starting with an outline for your work before moving into the first and secondary drafts. During each phase, you will be the deciding factor before moving onto the next draft.
The initial outline will include (depending on the relevance to your project) working chapter titles, headings, subheadings, titles, subtitles, topics, and any other necessity you want to include.
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